Mr Bee’s, Fotostop first opened on the high street in Downham Market in 1990. The shop was named after founder and owner Mr (Tony) Bridger. 
Engineer and corporal in the RAF, and long-term member of the Downham round table, Mr.Bee originally opened the shop as a popular emporium of gifts, fancy goods, fireworks, toys and homewares, including an extensive selection of picture frames.

The popularity of the picture frames presented an obvious business opportunity, and the picture framing soon became a full range of photographic developing and printing services.

With investment in the latest specialist photographic equipment and a shop layout change, Mr. Bee’s evolved into Fotostop, and really came into its own. The chain expanded to 5 stores at one point, positioned in Hadley, Gorleston, Potter Highham, Swaffham and Downham Market. However, business development has resulted in the return to just one shop – the best shop, Fotostop.

Meet our team of friendly staff below…

Tony B

The Owner

Tony has been the owner and proprieter of Mr Bee’s Fotostop since 1990, after a career in the Royal Air Force.

Tony is in fact 'Mr Bee' himself, he has been the owner and proprieter of Mr Bee's Fotostop since the early 1990's

Dave G

The Wizard

Dave has been our Photoshop wizard at Mr Bee’s for 15+ years, after a career in the Royal Air Force.

Dave is the longest standing employee, here at Mr Bee's Fotostop. Dave has been working for Mr Bee for 15+ years, working as our Photoshop wizard. If you need anything or anyone taken out of an image, or you need anything repaired, Dave is the man for the job. In his spare time, he enjoys designing and building his own unique wooden creations called, Aurories.

Janine G

The Photographer

Janine has been working as our resident studio photographer here at Mr Bee’s Fotostop for 10+ years.

Janine lives the furthest away from the shop of any us, so only works a couple of days a week, but has been at Mr Bee's for the last 8 years as our main in house photographer. Janine is also often found working in the back of the shop with the rest of us busy bees doing what we do best. During her spare time, Janine enjoys spending time with her daughter, keeping fit and going to live stage shows.

Brian S

The Specialist Framer

Brian is our specialist framer, as well as a qualified photographer, working for Mr Bee for 5+ years.

Brian has worked mainly as our specialist framer at Mr Bee's Fotostop for 5+ years, after retiring from a successful career as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force. During the last 20 years of his Royal Air Force career, Brian became a highly qualified photgraphic engineer, specialising in ground photography and aerial reconnaissance. Brian only works for Mr Bee part time, but needless to say, whilst he's working, he's quicker at what he does than the rest of us combined, whilst still keeping 100% eye for detail in everything he frames and photographs. During his spare time, Brian enjoys offshore sailing.

Amy R

The Front of House Support

Amy joined the team at Mr Bee’s over 4 years ago. Amy has taken on the roll as our front of house support.

Amy is the latest employee to join us at Mr Bee's Fotostop. Starting in September 2017, Amy has taken on the main role as our front of house support, juggling customers, taking orders and being the all round help and support we needed in the shop. Amy does also have a qualification in photography, so is able to help with most photography based questions our customers may have. During Amy's free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing video games.